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I have been enjoying the conversation here about MAC and DOS computers on
a Novell LAN.  I am at a fateful moment in my thinking about future
developments.  We are dreaming of creating a schoolwide LAN with a server
housed in the Library.  My question. If I want this LAN to connect mostly
Macintoshes, with a few DOS computers here and there, what problems can I
anticipate?  Would there be any problems with the server being a Mac?
Can the network be administered on a Mac?   Finally, can you suggest
solid sources of information that would help me evaluate the pros and
cons of the possibilities I must choose among?  I have run little
Localtalk networks, and understand how they work very well. It is the
world of ethernet that seems more challenging.

Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts.

Mark W. Gordon
Librarian, Oceana High School
Coalition of Essential Schools
401 Paloma Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044

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