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Thanks to Johanna for the facts on Winnie!  I found an article in the
Duluth (MN) paper on Sunday and called last night to get permission to
quote parts of it for all the "Poohs" out there. :>  It's dateline is
Upper Hartfield, England and it tells about many enchanted spots "found
tucked away in the English county of East Sussex, about an hour's drive
from London".
Cotchford Farm in Hartfield was where the Milne family spent their vacations
and where the stories originated.  Yes, Johanna's right...the model was
the teddy bear so the Winnipeg cub must have come later.  I'm still waiting
for the information from there.
Poohsticks Bridge is still the same as in the illustrations of the book and
the "Forest"... known as Ashdown Forest ... lies west and south of the
Farm.  Piglet's beech tree was in the middle of this forest.
This has been fun tracking down the facts of Winnie...thanks to all of you
who responded!  When I get the material from Winnipeg about the statue and
the train tour...I'll pass it on.
Edee at EDUC05@VAX1.bemidji.msus.edu

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