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We use Masterplots II by EBSCO.  It is also sold by Salem Press, and is
the same product.  EBSCO produced it for Salem.  I think the same is true
of Facts on File.  I know that ais true for the Survey of Science from
EBSCO and Salem.  We like Masterplots II.  It is easy to use.  The search
screens are similar to MAS.  We did not have all the sets Masterplots
covers, and it was cheaper to buy CD than print.  It does not include the
Masterplots Poetry or Critical Survey of Poetry.  We will soon try out
the Survey of Science.  It also has the same search screen.  I like
having these EBSCO products with the same screens - students find it
comfortable.  I have not seen Facts on File, but hear it is good.

On Sun, 27 Mar 1994, Rita Kaikow (Oceanside High School) wrote:

> Has anyone previewed either or both of the available CD-ROM versions of _Facts
> On File_?  Your opinions would be appreciated.  Please include comparisions of
> the two if available.
>         1.  _Facts On File_ available from Facts On File.
>         2.  _Facts On File_ available from EBSCO
> Have any of you previewed/used some of the other  CD-ROM titles available
> from EBSCO?  They include:
>         1.  _Masterplots_
>         2.  _Science....._
>         3.  Other?
> Have any of you previewed/used the new SIRS Government series CD-ROM?
> Have any of you previewed/used the government documents series from NEWSBANK?
> Does anyone know if the latest CD-ROM version of the _McGraw Hill Encyclopedia
> of Science and Technology_ is the same or an older version of the hardcopy
> edition currently in print?
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