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Several of you asked that I post information on technology grant money.  Thanks
 to Pat Moshfeghian and Paul Venancio for the information.  "NTIA will give $26
million in planning and demonstration grants in fiscal '94 thru its Telecommuni
cations and Information Infrastructure Assistance program.  School districts, h
igher ed institutions, libraries, health care providers, state and local govern
ments and other nonprofit institutions should submit proposals by May 12."  For
 further info contact Chares Rush, Telecommunications and information Applicati
ons Office, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 14th St
 and Consitituion Ave NW, Room H 1889, Washington DC  20230.  Phone 202 482-204
8.  This is MATCHING funds only--the local funding must be 50%.  Good luck all.

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