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Target --> Travel videos 11/29/94 Shelly Lochhead
Posting Messages to LM_NET 11/29/94 Peter Milbury
n.c. computer test 11/29/94 Roberta McMullen Price
? book about boy building bridge 11/29/94 Blythe A. Bennett
book repair question/help 11/29/94 Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
HELP: Rubrics and task analyses for lib-media outcomes 11/29/94 Bee Leek
?Marsha 11/29/94 Carol Lindner
Unison problems still not solved. 11/29/94 Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
CASPR on WAN 11/29/94 Steve Goodwin
Re: Holiday customs around the world 11/29/94 Leona Chereshnoski
poop deck ? 11/29/94 Sandra Haggstrom
Columbia Library System 11/30/94 Sharon Wright
French cloting in the 1930s 11/30/94 Sharon Wright
HIT->CD-ROM ORGAINIZATION & STORAGE 11/30/94 Judy Carol Simmons
San Francisco area request 11/30/94 Lizbeth Messing
Re: Dr. Peggy Sharp Seminar in Little Rock 11/30/94 Barb Baker
Weeding, book budget and Unison 11/30/94 Barb Baker
Re: poop deck ? 11/30/94 Wade Houston Weiler
Spacing after sentences 11/30/94 Wade Houston Weiler
recommended books 11/30/94 Teresa P Sterchi
No Subject 11/30/94 Lynn Whyte
magic fan 11/30/94 Roberta McMullen Price
Love poem 11/30/94 Gail Froyen
Leopold/Loeb Trial 11/30/94 Julie Burwinkel- Librarian
Re: Target>Paperbacks 11/30/94 Diane Oestreich
Re: ?MAC barcode reader 11/30/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
? Illegal Toxic dumping by corporations 11/30/94 Margaret J. McCormick
Open House 11/30/94 KATHRYN DONALDSON
Keypals Monterey/Santa Cruz,CA 11/30/94 Barbara Fox-Roumasset
Brazil information for project 11/30/94 Cathy Burns
Alexandria Automated Library System 11/30/94 GARY E JOSEPH
Comics question 11/30/94 Kathleen Margaret Sornsin
Help Demo E-Mail to Staff 11/30/94 Linda Dudick
Re: poop deck ? (fwd) 11/30/94 Bill Sears
Shoeless Joe 11/30/94 Sheila Holderby Grap
International Keypals 11/30/94 Terry Zimmers
California Bill 137 11/30/94 Linda Dudick
Re: hist. fic. grades 4-5 11/30/94 Maureen Luebbers
Target>Mac circulation system 11/30/94 Bill Sears
Re: hooves in art 11/30/94 Dan Robinson
video to computer monitors 11/30/94 Karen A. Mars
Christmas in other countries 11/30/94 Sheryl Lee
Overdues: "I never checked it out" 11/30/94 Thomas Neil Tomporowski
Re: Poop Deck 11/30/94 Mel Roseman
TARGET:Freshman admustment to H.S. 11/30/94 Virginia M. Kerstetter
?CIP Subject 11/30/94 Katharine D. Graves
Search Software 11/30/94 Don Shields
December greetings from the Net 11/30/94 Nelda Brangwin
?address for Teacher's Discovery 11/30/94 Wanda P. Duff
Need poem on magnolias/plantations 11/30/94 Carol Burr
Address 11/30/94 Madeline Buchanan
Ele Book vs Accel Read. 11/30/94 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
? video/grades 4-6/sex ed 11/30/94 Phyllis Dibianco
Linkway users 11/30/94 Mary Lou Foley
Communication Skills/Media Specialist 11/30/94 McNair HS
Gingerbread houses 11/30/94 Pat Wang
metal cart noise 11/30/94 Scott Rick
semester classes? 11/30/94 Ruth Rogers
Video Suggestions 11/30/94 Lori A. Kankus
Keypals 11/30/94 Jane Newberry
Day without art 11/30/94 Alice J. Creveling
Re: Unison problems still not solved. 11/30/94 Wanda Cuniff
Library automation systems 11/30/94 Jo E. Misakian
Send greetings 11/30/94 Marge Seifert
roommate wanted AECT 11/30/94 Barbara Fiehn
Re: Library automation systems 11/30/94 Dr. Dana McDougald
Re: poop deck ? 11/30/94 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Library Media Outcomes document 11/30/94 PAUL VENANCIO
Signage for a new LMC 11/30/94 JGUSHIKE
-=- Star Trek -=- 11/30/94 Wade E. Grimes
-=- National Review, the magazine -=- 11/30/94 Wade E. Grimes
Re: Day without art 11/30/94 Judy Ermlick
Reference Question 11/30/94 Virjean Griensewic
hooves in art 11/30/94 Alice H. Yucht
Re: Overdues: "I never checked it out" 11/30/94 Sharon Wright
No Subject 11/30/94 Janis Dale Wertz
Shareware Telecommunications Wanted 11/30/94 Ron Dupuis
free.org 11/30/94 Michele Missner
TARGET>Cataloging Staff and Budget Cuts 11/30/94 Vanessa R. Toyokura
Newbery Medal Honor Books 12/01/94 Lyle Wichmann
No Subject 11/20/98 Carol Adams
No Subject 11/20/98 No Author
RE: JFK 11/20/98 ttomporo
computers for schools 11/20/98 John W. Coster (So. Berkshire Reg. Schools

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