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Check out THE ORYX GUIDE TO DISTANCE LEARNING, which provides information on
298 institutions offering over 1,500 media-assisted courses for which
academic credit can be earned.  If you have any further questions about the
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At 06:45 PM 10/31/94 EST, Amanda Byrd wrote:
>Fellow Netters:
>    Recently I completed an MLIS degree primarily through the distance
>education program at the University of South Carolina.  Now I am
>searching for other programs that will help me further my education.
>If you know of quality programs or degrees that are available via
>distance education or online systems, please share your information
>with me.  I will be extremely grateful!  Amanda Byrd
>Amanda Byrd
>Library Media Specialist
>T.L. Hanna High School, Anderson, SC  29621
>Phone: 803-260-5155    Fax: 803-260-5213
voice mail: (602) 265-2651 x606
fax: (602) 265-6250

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"A human mind once stretched to
 a new idea, never returns to
 its former dimensions."
    -Oliver Wendell Holmes-

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