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Dear fellow toilers in the fields of information land,
We have a Novell network and two seven slot CD towers. At the moment we
are not running any CDs under Windows, but would like to. Our district's
network guru says that Windows will provide access to our server for
nefarious purposes.  Since, we're a 9-12 high school, this worries us.
Newer CDs are now being published under Windows and we'd like to purchase
them.  How have others dealt with this prolem? We will be happy to post a
HIT if enough people express an interest. I've included two e-mail
addresses since our current one may change very soon...Thanks for your help,
Fran Cohen and Cathy Bond       e-mail <conestog@ccantares.wcupa.edu>
Conestoga High School Library   alternative e-mail <francesc@aol.com>
200 Irish Rd.                   Phone: 610/644-1440
Berwyn, PA 19312-1260           Fax: 610/640-0832

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