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Dear Friends,

Our Lower School (grades 1-4) is about to receive Macintosh computers
with  CD-ROM.  The art teacher has asked me if I know of any good
software/CD-ROM products she could use.  Her primary interest would be in
the instructional area of artists and their work.  A method for teaching
techniques of composition, etc., would be relevant as well.  We will also
have  color, ink jet printers.  She will be able to hook the computer up
to a t.v. monitor for whole group demonstrations or viewing.  Any ideas??

For the music teacher, the equipment is the same.  She wants programs on
musical instruments, and musicians/composers and their works.  What about
anything that reinforces traditional music instruction in a visually
appealing way.  Any ideas here??

Please respond directly to me.  Thank you!

Barbara Kinkead, St. Mark's School of Texas, Dallas <Kinkead@Tenet.edu>

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