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I agree that there are some problems in the use of the Easy, Fiction, and
Nonfiction section as has been standard in LMC's.  Whatever we do though,
we will not please everyone.  My teachers actually would like me to have
everything grouped by reading level.  They actually think I can look at a
look and tell at a glance what the reading level is.  Sorry about the 2 -
now 3 actually's.

Anyway what I started to say was that I don't think the Library of
Congress has much to do with these terms.  Nor does the Dewey Decimal
System.  I thought they were just things librarians came up with to group
books on the shelf they way they thought would be most useful to their
patrons.  Does anyone know the who and when about these terms.  Were they
actually adopted by any organization?

Paula Neale

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