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You might try searching for information on Waldorf Schools.  These
schools are united by a common philosophy and methodology which includes
having the same teacher follow a class through their elementary years.
Another possiblity is resources dealing with multi-age/non-graded
education.  My son attends Cassavant School in McLean, NY.  This is the
first year of their multi-age program. The school is K-3. There are two
teams of 4 teachers each.  The plan is to have the students continue with
the same team (the same teachers) through the 3rd grade level.  For more
information specific to this program, contact Maria Rice, Assistant
Superintendent, Dryden Central Schools, P.O. Box 88, Dryden, NY 13053.

Hope this helps,

Kathy McHugh <kfmchugh@mailbox.syr.edu>

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