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Dear LM_NETer's,
     I have a new problem this year at my high school.  This year we have
gone to one lunch at our high school.  We have 2200 students in grades
9-12 and everyone has the same 1-hour lunch.  Problem- the library has
become a place for students to gather and visit during the lunch hour.
Now the library has become too busy.  My assistant and I try to monitor
each area, making sure students are working, but as soon as we leave an
area, visiting resumes.  I need advice on how to handle this problem.
I've considered lunch passes, but don't know exactly how to administer
it.  Hopefully, there are some success stories out there.  Send responses
directly to me and I will post the hits.  Thank you.

Marsha Saucier, Librarian
Pflugerville High School
1301 W. Pecan St.
Pflugerville, TX. 78660

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