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Leila - the simplest solution to your problem would be for you (and the
other people who will be at the AASL conference) to set your LM_NET
accounts to NOMAIL while you are away. That way, your mailboxes will not
overflow, and people in places like Iceland, Australia, Canada, Finland....
who have no hope of getting to an American conference can continue to
communicate.  Instructions for NOMAIL are at the end of the message.

>Since many of us will be attending AASL and will not be able to access
>our mailboxes, how declaring a loose moratorium on sending messages
>between Wednesday, Nov. 9th and Monday, Nov. 14th?  I get warnings
>about overloaded mail as I am sure many of you do, too.  When we get
>back on Monday, there will be enough to do without feeling the pressure
>to get to our mail.  Hope you agree.
>Leila Silverberg
>Whitefish Bay High School
>Milwaukee, WI

INSTRUCTIONS (Summary of a post from Peter Milbury):

(Bitnet) with no subject and the following in the body of the message:

        set lm_net nomail

When you come home, you can restart by sending another message reading

        set lm_net mail

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