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  Thanks for all of your responses.  Here is the information I received.

Here in Missoula, Montana we have a county library with two tiny branches
up in the mountains. One is in a little log cabin, the other is a
combination high school/public library. I may not know all the details
but here goes - we have an automated system (Dynix) so as school district
books are added to that library's collection they are barcoded and put
into our system. The high school librarian is an employee of the school
district - she orders materials from that budget - there is also a
parttime clerk who keeps the library open several evenings and afternoons
and some time on Saturday - that clerk also does summer programming and
has regular hours during the summer. The clerk comes to the main library
periodically to choose books for the branch - they are kept separate from
the school's collection but in the same room - students can check them
out. In addition we do order popular materials specifically for that
library - adult fiction - best sellers, Young Reader's Choice Books,
holiday books, etc. They also rotate videos, books on tape and so forth.

Its a good deal for us because we really don't have funding to support a
branch with magazines and so forth - and those are there courtesy of the
school budget.

If you have specific questions, let me know. Good luck, Bette Ammon

Bette Ammon                     "Penguins are   Randy Ammon
Missoula Public Library         so sensitive    Missoula Community Access TV
301 E Main                      to my needs."   PO Box 8749
Missoula Mt  59802              Lyle Lovett     Missoula MT  59807
(406) 721-BOOK                                  (406) 542-MC

 The state of Hawaii has several community school
libraries, most built in the late sixties, early seventies.  To my
knowledge, none have been built recently.  All that I know of are public
and high school combined.  I'm enclosing the "snail mail" address of one,
Ewa Beach Community School LIbrary.  One of the school librarians
assigned there is Sandi Park, and perhaps she could give you a firsthand
account of the pluses and minuses involved.
                Ewa Beach Public & School Library
                91-950 North Road
                Ewa Beach, HI 96706

Good luck!
        Candace Foster
        Aina Haina Elementary, Honolulu, HI 96821

        Jersey Shore, PA has a shared library in the high school. Euclid,
OH did have a shared library (I think) near their elementary school. I'm
pretty sure Euclid has a shared library or did - I have a friend who is
the Head of TS there. I'm going to forward your message to a friend in
Cleveland who may know of others.
        Nancy Palma, Associate Librarian
        Venango Campus, Clarion Univ. of PA

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