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A couple of years ago there was a huge flap over the book FOREVER
in the Rib Lake School District in Wisconsin.  The librarian, Ruth
Dishnow, was given an award by the ACLU.  She has since gone on to study
for a PhD in library science at Texas Women's University--she may have
finished by now.  I do not have an email address for her but someone
else on the list might--especially those from Wisconsin and Texas.
I think she would have some good insights to give you from her experience.

Bev Sadoski
Wasilla High School Library
701 Bogard Road
Wasilla, Alaska  99654
phone  (907) 376-5341  fax (907) 376-5348
summer phone (907) 376-4735

On Tue, 1 Nov 1994, Marcia Caffrey wrote:

> I am in the SILS program at UB and am doing a paper on censorship and Judy Blu
>     books. Has anyone had any personal experience with censorship of Judy Blum
>    in their library? Thanks for your help.

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