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Regarding the upcoming conference and email:

With all due respects to my colleagues who are concerned about their mail
during AASL, I don't think it's fair to those hundreds of LM_NETTERS who
are unable to attend AASL to ask them to cut back.  They don't get top go
to AASL or attend the terrific LM_NET breakfast...and now you want to
take away their LM_NET too?  Hmm.... I understand about the mail problem,
but why not:

send a message to listserv@suvm.syr.edu

set lm_net nomail

Then, when you are ready to receive again, send another message:

set lm_net mail

Also, by having LM_NET active, some of us can report on what's going
on at AASL - we can bring them in to the conference remotely.

So, for those of you attending, see you in Indy.
For those of you not, we'll keep you posted.



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