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We are at K-6 elementary with 565 students. Next year we'll be K-5. We are
studying three options for restructuring. They are:

1. Year-round school: Rearranging our 180 days, not lengthening either the
school day or the school year.

2. Family concept: Students stay with a teacher for more than one school
year. This would include a lot of parental involvement.

3. Team concept: This would be like a school-within-a-school. Our school
would consist of three 1-5 teams. Those teams would keep the same students
as they move through the grades. There might be some cross grade level
instruction. Each team's classrooms would be located close together.

If you are currently working in a school incorporating or studying one of
these options, we'd like to hear from you to share data and experiences.
We're also looking for sites in the midwest to visit. Thanks for any help
you can give with this study.

Contact Bob Stone at:

Westwood Elementary School
2920 NW 9th St.
Ankeny, Iowa  50021
Voice: 515-965-9690
Fax: 515-965-9607
Email: wstwood@po-1.star.K12.ia.us

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