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We have had the same problem, and this year for the first time are
requiring passes at lunch.  The kids who were using the library as a
social club HATE it, but the ones using the library as a place of study
love the change.  Any teacher giving an assignment that needs library
resources can give a pass for either lunch period, and they can be dated
ahead.  We check the pass when they come in to verify date and period and
signature.  We reject undated, unsigned, or altered passes as well as
those not in ink.  It has been hard training teachers to use ink and sign
and date passes (you would think that they would see the necessity of
this but some just don't care), but the kids become our best line of
defense here -- they know if the teacher doesn't fill it out correctly,
we won't let the student in!

Colton High school has 2600 students this year, and two lunch periods.  I
almost never get lunch, but I don't mind because I'm working with
students who are in for a purpose, not just socializing.

Hope this helps,


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