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    Here's some info I got when I was working on my article comparing
TENET and FIRN. I had guest access to FIRN and they had this info about
Newton: (We have a menu pick for it on TENET and I can't see the commands)..

   From FIRN:  NEWTON/Argonne National Laboratory's Bulletin Board

    This is a valuable resource for science teachers. It contains many
discussions among science teachers and students in all the major
curriculum areas. Also features thousands of questions and answers in the
"Ask a Scientist" section. Login in as "COCOTEXT" to get into the bulletin
board. The first time you use the service, you will have to enter "NEW"
in order to register your name.

My comments:  (don't use the quote marks around the passwords). Now we still
need the telnet address! Someone please followup.


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