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We are in the middle of departmental reorganizations, and we need a new name.
For years, the department has been Media Services and we supported both print
and non-print in our school libraries, AV, radio/television, and equipment repai

Computers and other forms of technology have been creeping into the mix and the
Superintendent wants the department to have a name that more closely reflects
where we are today.

I am too much of a traditionalist to leave out the school library/media
centers, but computer technology and training have become a major part of the
department's work.  Does anyone have an idea for a new title for the

I thought that the "Department of the Information Infrastructure" had a certain
ring to it, but my wife has the veto vote |->.

Thanks for any help.

Roger Whaley   (ROWHALEY@ucs.indiana.edu)
New Albany-Floyd County Schools
New Albany, IN  on the sunny side of Louisville

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