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Oh, please don't stop!  MANY of us are unable to go to AASL (I'm curious:
do schools pay for you to go?  Not here! :-)  ) We need the NET, so
please don't stop!

On Wed, 2 Nov 1994, CAROL SHERER wrote:

> Hello to LM_NETTERS,
> I don't agree with the idea of not sending messages to LM_NET during AASL
> conference next week.  I do agree with Ann- set your mail to NOMAIL during
> this time.  Not everyone is fortunate to be able to go - including me
> (although I really wish I could) and I want to continue hearing from other
> LM_NETTERS that are staying home too. I'm sure we will have problems that
> we need help with during this time and want to be able to correspond with
> others that can help us.
> All of you who are going to AASL - have fun.
> Carol Sherer
> Library Media Specialist
> Jetmore H.S. KS
> je2271lb@ink.org

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