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Thought this would be of interest to the group!

   *                 Ask Dr. Math                *
   *                                             *
   *             Have a math question?           *
   *      No problem's too big or too small      *
   *   Want to talk to someone who loves math?   *
   *         Let's do some math together!        *
   *                                             *
   *                  Write to:                  *
   *         dr.math@forum.swarthmore.edu        *

If you are a student in elementary, middle, or high
school, write to us!  We can't wait to get some really
good problems from you.  All of the Ask Dr. Math
letters are answered by members of "The Swat Team,"
math students and professors here at Swarthmore
College.  Ask Dr. Math is a project of the GEOMETRY
FORUM, an NSF-funded program housed at Swarthmore
College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA.

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