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I have used Ingram for over 12 years.  They get better and better.  Their
customer service people are GREAT and so are their discounts.  And they
rarely make mistakes on an order (which, incidentally, is shipped out within
24 hours).

I also order paperbacks from them (at maximum discount), they ship them
(at no charge) to a vinabind jobber, who then ships them, all bound, to
my library.  The whole process takes less than 2 months and I live in Alaska!

They have audio and video as well.  Ask for these catalogs.

School libraries can have "staff orders" -- you can order books for yourself
and your staff and get the same discounts.  Minimum orders are 10 books.

Bev Sadoski
Wasilla High School Library
701 Bogard Road
Wasilla, Alaska  99654
phone  (907) 376-5341  fax (907) 376-5348
summer phone (907) 376-4735

On Tue, 1 Nov 1994, St. Paul Academy and Summit School wrote:

> Have others noticed B & T's new policy of charging $4 per book for those
> titles B & T buys at no discount from publishers?  In my last order, the
> money spent on addition $4 charges was noticeable, and I begin to think
> about issuing separate purchase orders to many companies and the time
> involved?  At $4 a book, which way is most cost effective?  The list of
> vendors for which B & T would charge the $4 fee runs 12 pages, 3 columns
> to a page in the October, 1994 issue of their publication, Forecast.
> Margaret Tabar, St. Paul Academy & Summit School, St. Paul, MN

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