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I am working with a large national foundation that is investigating setting
up a non-profit organization. The organization would work with large
corporations to acquire computer equipment which has been replaced with
newer models. The equipment would be inspected, tested refurbished and
warranted for one year. The cost to the school would be roughly $200 for
each computer. Typical equipment would be:

IBM compatible 386 or 486
Hard Drive
Color VGA
Pre-loaded with some software


Macintosh of similar capabilities

I have been asked by the foundation to determine whether schools would be
interested in participating in the program. (There is no commitment being

Would your school be willing to participate?

If so, how many would you anticipate wanting to purchase annually?

Would you still be interested if the computers were a 286?

Any comments or suggestions.

Please send your response prior to November 26th to

I am interested in all responses either negative or positive and please
include school, contact and phone number.

Thank you for help.

Mort Sternheim                                   Voice (413)545-1908
Department of Physics and Astronomy              Fax   (413)545-4884
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003   mms@k12.ucs.umass.edu

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