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From: obstahl@llwcny.ll.pbs.org (Barbara Stahl)
Subject: Re: 911!
Organization: LLWCNY / PBS Learning Link
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 1994 02:50:20 GMT
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Judith Cravens Estabrook (judithe@TENET.EDU) wrote:
: With all the technology questions being posted, I feel a bit foolish
: asking for help with a low-tech problem, but I am about to lose my mind
: and I don't think it's backed up on tape anywhere.  I am a first year
: librarian in an elementary school of 850 students.  I have no help
: --clerical, volunteer, or otherwise.  Until last week I had been
: attempting a modified flexible schedule with grades 3 - 6 coming to the
: library only when the teacher requested and allowing open checkout on the
: honor system all day every day.  I failed to mention that I am not
: automated, do not have any sort of computerized library records.  My
: district is in the process of automating, but there are about 200 schools
: and I am 200th on the list.  In the meantime my card catalog is 3 years
: out of date and I have 4 separate shelf lists during the retrospective
: conversion.  I have no way to find materials except to check
:  bibliographies or browse the shelves.  And right now, at least half the
: collection is on carts because I don't have time to shelve.  At best I
: will have to deal with this system for the rest of this school year and am
: pessimistic about getting my
: automation up and running by the beginning of the 95 school year.  I
Yo: am absolutely overwhelmed with the process of getting cards returned to
: book pockets and getting books shelved.  I need suggestions for managing
: this process efficiently so that I have time to do something else.  I
: still have weekly library classes for grades K-3 and starting this week,
: will go back to the old system for grades
:  4 -6.  At this point I am so discouraged I know I am not even making
: sense.  My flexible schedule and my hopes for integrating the library
: have been dealt a death blow by the negative attitude on the part of a
: few teachers and I don't have the energy to deal with it because I am
: frantically trying to card books.  I feel isolated and unappreciated
: --whoa! Pity party!!
: I have been semi-lurking on the net long enough to
: feel that I can count on some of you good people out there for
: encouragement.  What have you done _before_ automation to handle the
: clerical duties when you couldn't get volunteers?  I almost cried Friday
: when a gentleman came into the library offering to
: volunteer  -- to read to the children.  Nice gesture, but this was a man
: who had had years of experience working in libraries and he wouldn't help
: me on a bet because he knew how much work is involved.  Is there hope??

: YJudy Estabrook          judithe@tenet.edu       214-492-2938 (home)
: JYeff Davis Elem.        Dallas, TX              214-331-7795 (work)
You are asked to  do the impossible.  You must try to get your
remedia1ated!!  They need to decide whether they want a teaching - library -
integraated program, or a book depository.  No one could serve 850 students
productively without clerical support.  Barb Stahl,  New York State
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