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     As part of a technology planning team, I have been exploring what's out the
 re in terms of policies related to
legal and ethical use of technology. I now have a number of examples of what
other schools have done, as well as some articles (including the SLJ article
that highlights consideration of freedom of speech issues). Whether an AUP
can prevent illegal or unethical activity isn't so much the issue for us as
informing/educating our community and making a statement consistent with
others we make about behavioral expectations. Aside from formulating a
statement that matches our school culture, we're interested in knowing
whether there's a "down" side to a policy statement. One member of our group
thinks she's seen mention of a school's liability for illegal activity being
greater for having had a policy. Expedience isn't our primary impetus, but
we'd like to know about pitfalls.
     We are an independent school of 320 students, ages 3-14.
     Thanks for any input.

Kathy Foulke
The Gordon School
East Providence, RI

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