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While there has been several glowing reports about Unison  I just have
to tell you that my problems aren't solved.  Last week I repeatedly got
voiced boxed.  I left messages everywhere stating I would stay at school
until 5 pm so that someone could call me.  I stayed both Tuesday and
Wednesday until 5.  I knew I had classes straight through for the entire
next week and a half.  Told that to the voice box also but alas the
voice box did not reply.  Today I had two calls during my classes.  Said
sorry not today.  I can stay after school on Friday and when I called
back I told the voice box that also.  I never get through on the first
try.  I never get the help I need.  I can't wait for the new version--
maybe it would solve my problems--Winnebago reads LM_NET  I got a call
from their sales representative.

Janet Johns

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