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Hi Netters..

Just a few positive comments about things I have discovered in Unison which
also reflect on Margaret Olsen's request about what to do with weeded
materials and Patricia Gosda's request for book budget info.

In playing around in Unison, I have discovered that you can search your
collection by either subject or Dewey number and get an average age of that
part of the collection. It also gives you statistics as to the size (%) of
your entire collection the selected subject/Dewey is and how that compares to
your circulation. I was shocked at how old parts of my collection are
(particularly astronomy and dinosaurs which have had a number of recent
discoveries). This will be a big help in justifying the need for weeding and
additional monies.

I have discovered that my picture book collection is only about 1/3 of my
collection, but is almost half of my circulation. (I am a k-2 school, so this
is not too suprising, but it is definitely interesting to be able to state
this factually.) Also, figuring out the value of the collection is much
quicker in Unison than in the previous version.

Hope I am not boring all of you. You know where the delete key is if you want
to use it!!!

Barb Baker
John Campbell School
Selah, WA


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