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In the school where I just moved this year, the paperbacks were arranged
alphabetically by TITLE.  Since the library is on four levels, and some
paperbacks were downstairs, while some were on the top level with the
other fiction, I decided to re-catalog all the paperbacks (most of which
were not cataloged at all), and just put them all together.  Several
students have come in the past few weeks wanting another book by an
author they liked--and you know the results.  We are not automated yet,
but I figured we'd have to do the re-cataloging sooner or later for that
reason too.
Diane Oestreich
Fullerton Union High School
Fullerton, California

 On Tue, 29 Nov 1994, Maggie M. Calcara wrote:

> Hello LM_NETTERS -
> I am currently considering the best way to catalog and shelve paperbacks.
> We now have the paperbacks in one section and the hardback books
> in another section.  Has anyone tried shelving these together and
> cataloging the paperbacks as you would a hardback book.  This seems
> practical to me as we use more and more paperbacks due to budget
> limitations.  Who wants to check in two places to try to find a title?
> If you have any experience or opinions, please respond directly to me.
> If I get good info I will post a Hit to the group.
> Maggie Calcara, Center High School, 8715 Holmes, Kansas City, MO 64131
> 816-363-2260 mcalcara@services.dese.state.mo.us

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