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We are a campus-style school district and are currently installing a
network to connect the various buildings. Our backbone is fiber and
we are using 10-baseT from the hubs to the smart terminals. At our last
technology committee meeting, the question was posed as to whether or not
it was possible to send a video recording from a location such as the
media center through the network and display this video recording on
the terminals attached to the network.

        I know that TV signals are interlaced and computer monitors are
non-interlaced, but I don't know if that matters. Is there something we
can place after the video recorder to alter the signal before it goes
to the network? Or maybe something placed just as the signal enters the
monitor? Is this possible or practical? What would the cost be?

        I suggested that maybe we could just use the ethernet to transmit
the video signal to a TV in the classroom, but I thought that there would
be a visible lag due to slowness on the band width. Is this correct? Is this
practical? Should we wait for digital?

        Lots of questions here. ANY answers, suggestions, or suggested
readings would be appreciated.

        Please reply to Karen Mars.


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