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Dear Group,

I have been working with some software that has produced
excellent results on novell networks. I thought I would
share this with all of you.

With the inherent problems of internet access and getting
data files into everyones hands when they need it I decided
a long time ago that archiving information from internet files
was a lot more important than trying to get into busy systems
during normal hours. So we setup automatic file downloads at night
(still experimental) and put them in a search database.

I seldom hype a company but the program has worked flawlessly and
the companies responsiveness to questions and service is excellent.

The product is called DTSEARCH it does full boolean searches on
ASCII and all major Word Processing files. They have standalone
and Networked versions and can be run with a Windows interface or
standard DOS or both at the same time!

You may also request a developers pakage that allows restrictions
on menu items. It is fairly complicated and is in the professional
programmer arena, but I have already set up template for schools
and will forward to DTSEARCH if anyone needs a pre-made template
for student restrictions.

DT Software, DTSEARCH Elizabeth Thede 703 521-9427


Don Shields
Mammoth Unified School District
Network Consultant

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