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Churchill's Dog 03/03/95 yeshiva
HELP Churchill's Dog 03/03/95 yeshiva
Guidance Database 03/19/95 Betsy Sywetz
to all LM_NET members 03/31/95 Fitzgerald - M. Alexius
Re: ELEM: Rapunzel? 04/01/95 Mary Jo Heller
GEN: elem. book title 04/01/95 Anne Mangels
GEN:Attn VA LMS 04/01/95 Julia Files Steger
Ready ref lists updated 04/01/95 Ellen Berne Winsor School
Help in CA 04/01/95 Sophia Smith
Re: Gen: TV Turn-Off Week 04/01/95 Union-Endicott Central School District
Whose on First 04/01/95 Myra Paul
Current and future technology 04/01/95 Manal Stamboulie
GEN:WWII Window Flags 04/01/95 Diane Kippenhan
GEN: Re: egg behavior during vernal equinox 04/01/95 Katherine Hart (LIS)
REF- Gt. Britain/Pacific NW 04/01/95 Carey H. Bacon
TECH: electronic portfolios 04/01/95 Anne Mangels
Re: Whose on First 04/01/95 Mark Williams
ELEM: bi-racial books 04/01/95 Susan Berger
General 04/01/95 Fran Tretera
ELEM: Bibliography? - On my own? 04/01/95 Debbie Pinckard
GREET: Thank you (AND) REF quest 04/01/95 Bunkie Wilson
Ref: Harley and Davidson 04/01/95 Bunkie Wilson
GEN: ?Children's Book Week for 95 04/01/95 Roberta Mann
GEN: ?Novels with Math themes 04/01/95 Katharine Bruner
HUMOR: in the encyclopedia 04/01/95 Katharine Bruner
TARGET: Barcodes On the Outside Book Cover 04/01/95 Peter Milbury
GEN: Stockholm syndrome 04/01/95 Carolynne Miller
Bosnia 04/01/95 Joanne Dawson
GEN: Durrell Institute of Monetary Science 04/01/95 Elaine Steinberg
TLA Conference/Retrospective Conversion 04/01/95 Marybeth Green
GEN: multicultural education and technology 04/02/95 Patricia Bain
GEN: responses to my crabby survey respondent 04/02/95 Amy E. Derwin
TECH: PA. Unison Users 04/02/95 Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
REF 04/02/95 Diane Dillon, Librarian, Nordonia
HUMOR: CD-ROM Databases 04/02/95 Mary Ellen Scribner
SEC: students tardy to school 04/02/95 Judy Gray
Department Chair Conference Forms 04/02/95 Gordon Baker
HIT:>Second grade fiction 04/02/95 Molly Pearson
Re: GEN: Current and future technology 04/02/95 Karen G. Schneider
Re: TECH: electronic portfolios 04/02/95 Faith W. Van Putte 904 243 0207
Re: ELEM: bi-racial books 04/02/95 Faith W. Van Putte 904 243 0207
Re: ELEM: Bibliography? - On my own? 04/02/95 Faith W. Van Putte 904 243 0207
GEN: AOL & LM_NET Archives 04/02/95 Chris Giunta
REF: Olympic Torch 04/02/95 Melba Tomeo
Newspapers in Education online 04/02/95 Mark Hass
Newspapers in Education (2) 04/02/95 Mark Hass
Message for teachers and supervisors sought 04/02/95 Rita Kaikow (Oceanside High School)
April World Link 04/02/95 Linda C Joseph
REF, HIT: stories set in '50's 04/02/95 Jacqueline A. C. Keith
GEN: authors' e-mail addresses 04/02/95 Lynn McCree
Combined School-Public Libraries 04/02/95 Alice H. Yucht
School-Public libraries, continued. 04/02/95 Alice H. Yucht
Re: Newspapers in Education online 04/02/95 Peter Milbury
Re: TLA Conference/Retrospective Conversion 04/02/95 Hank Epstein
Greetings 04/02/95 Pat Atkinson
HIT: Elem: teaching atlas skills 04/02/95 Holly Beaver
Re: HUMOR at the Library Browser 04/02/95 Guusje Zimmerman Moore
HIT, MIDDLE: Fiction with Math Theme 04/02/95 Evie Funk
Re: REF: Olympic Torch 04/02/95 Mark Williams
Re: REF: Olympic Torch (fwd) 04/02/95 Mark Williams
Gen: Attention Pennsylvania Librarians! 04/02/95 Joyce Valenza
GEN: school libraries in Color. 04/02/95 Sandra Haggstrom
JOB SEARCH: Ask Virginia LM_NETTERS 04/03/95 Carolyn H. Cothran 346-5600
HIT: Barcodes 04/03/95 Peter Milbury
MAC:Quadra 610 04/03/95 Barbara McElfish
Re: Newspapers in Education online (fwd) 04/03/95 Peter Milbury
GEN: ILL policies ??? 04/03/95 Flathead High School Library
SEC: Grapes of Wrath 04/03/95 Paula Zsiray, Mountain Crest HS
TARGET: Drug Awareness 04/03/95 Sheila Holderby Grap
GEN: Family Literacy Night Ideas 04/03/95 Joan Shizue Jyo
REF: document delivery 04/03/95 Barbara Hespenheide -- WCHRULST(BHespenh)
REF:?Sons of the GOLDEN EGALE 04/03/95 Thomas - Pauline
Children's Media Marketplace 04/03/95 Charles Harmon
cross curricular units 04/03/95 Mary Petty
Oprah-Librarian Bashing? 04/03/95 Barbara Gaugel
Cooperation Between Secondary Schools and Public Libraries 04/03/95 CALLISON
REF: Bilingual CD's 04/03/95 Katherine Nielsen
Re: Oprah-Librarian Bashing? 04/03/95 M. Beth Ross
Re: REF:Hawaiin myths 04/03/95 Paula R. Schrader 904-689-7194
"LA Times" editorial -- information superlibrary 04/03/95 Michael Kankiewicz
REF: Ice Borers 04/03/95 Fred Muller Newton
Re: Gen: TV Turn-Off Week 04/03/95 Cheryl Bybee
Acid Rain Testing Project - Help Needed! 04/03/95 Elaine Hondorf
Ref: Gen: Ice Borers??????? 04/03/95 Mary Veronica
?Computers and colleges 04/03/95 Joan Miller
New Apple Pricing 04/03/95 Gail Froyen
"Challenge Grants for Technology" 04/03/95 Lincoln M.S.
GEN: Sales reps for Philip Morris? 04/03/95 Judy D. Williamson
thanks for what's happening info 04/03/95 (Cindy Barnett)
Re: Oprah-Librarian Bashing? 04/03/95 Judy Ermlick
Re: Oprah-Librarian Bashing? 04/03/95 Judy Ermlick
TOM vs.TOM JR 04/03/95 Polly Conlon
Re: ELEM,GEN: Folktale 04/03/95 Silvia Kamer
HIT: Middle school magazine reviews 04/03/95 Donnah Janell Phillips
chicago librarians 04/03/95 Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail)
New Hampshire LMC's 04/03/95 Nancy Bergeron
REF,SEC: Crying Boots or Cryers? (fwd) 04/03/95 Melinda Miller-Widrick
GEN: ?Australian resources/elementary 04/03/95 Joan Davis
Elementary ScienceFiction 04/03/95 Laurie Carter

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