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I'm back :-) 12/02/95 Sandra Griffith
Re: Lynne Reid Banks (fwd) 12/02/95 Cheri Jantzen
REF 12/02/95 Barbara Thrasher
kidlink 12/02/95 Barbara Thrasher
GEN: Purchasing books 12/02/95 Gayle Hodur
TECH: Mac printing problem 12/02/95 Gayle Hodur
Re: Unison-Alliance Plus 12/02/95 Sandy Scroggs
Reference help 12/03/95 Cynthia Ranio
Internet management 12/03/95 Karen Jane McIntyre
Re: another address for archives 12/03/95 Nancy Kantar
TARGET:Old title 12/03/95 Jo E. Misakian
SEC: TARGET: Scheduling Computers 12/03/95 Betty Dawn Hamilton
Re: Listserv's for teachers 12/03/95 Linda Diment
Job seeking -Massachusetts 12/03/95 Chesterfield School Library
WA/OR only: Tech Schools 12/03/95 Carol Harma
GEN: CA only 12/03/95 Gayle Hodur
reference: "Hatchet" video 12/03/95 OBANION
TARGET: Internet cautions 12/03/95 Carole Carpenter
Grolier's problems 12/03/95 Toni Wooten
HELP/Marie Baker,need email address 12/03/95 Pat Wamsley
GEN: Block scheduling 12/03/95 Richard Moore
AskEric 12/03/95 Kathryn K. Lafferty
Re: Grolier's problems 12/03/95 Valarie F. Moreland 904-833-3335
Santa internet address 12/03/95 Kathryn K. Lafferty
HIT: videos in the classroom 12/03/95 Vona Genelle Van Cleef
REF/ELEM: Atlas and author search 12/03/95 Carol Van Hook
TARGET: CD-ROM Networks 12/03/95 Marilyn McMahon
GEN: Christian Library Journal 12/03/95 Carol Wheat
TARGET: Middle/Jr. High Science Fiction 12/03/95 Larry Parsons
request for greetings 12/03/95 Deborah Kabler
HIT: Christmas stories 12/03/95 SARAH GIDDINGS
Internet software filtering 12/03/95 Karin Williamson
Re: HIT: Christmas stories 12/03/95 Wade Houston Weiler
REF: NEA Internet address 12/03/95 MGOVERNS
GEN: Christmas Web Sites 12/03/95 Phillip G Weldon
Unusual facts about your state 12/03/95 East Prairie School - Learning Center
Fwd: Please post on LM-NET 12/03/95 upstate ny
Intercession (fwd) 12/03/95 Mary E Bryan
GEN: Exotic Dancers 12/04/95 Hilda Mah
GEN: Courtesy Repost: From The GPO.. (fwd) 12/04/95 Peter Milbury
Citing Videotape information in Research 12/04/95 Lachowsky, Richard
GEN: Australian school librarians 12/04/95 Kathleen Gaillard
REF: Crime writer? 12/04/95 Jenny Griffiths
Foolproof 12/04/95 Nupper
Internet book reviews 12/04/95 RON BRADLEY
:gum in textbook 12/04/95 Maxine Johnston
Elem,Mid,Sec: Japan resources 12/04/95 Linda Greengrass
To LM Archives if AOL program 12/04/95 Bunkiew
Dolch 12/04/95 Linda Jean McVey
Ebenezers 12/04/95 Betsy Stine
GEN:Library Media Specialists into School Administrators 12/04/95 Paula Zsiray
Re: SEC: Am. Lit. novels 12/04/95 Bonnie Coppersmith
GEN: video price & copyright 12/04/95 Cheryl Sturgeon
Job Hunting 12/04/95 Carol D Rogow
New Library Dedication 12/04/95 EDUC_ND
Ref:Chapman Cycle 12/04/95 Julie Burwinkel- Librarian
HIT Phyllis Schlafly 12/04/95 Nelson
Middle: math survey 12/04/95 Inver Grove Middle School
author address 12/04/95 Mona Scroggins
Tech:Pine E-Mail 12/04/95 jackie porter
Macauley's video "Castle" 12/04/95 Jane Webb
Re: New Library Dedication 12/04/95 Pleasant Valley S.D.
Re: Dying laptop keyboards 12/04/95 Sister MaryVeronica
REF: Dick and Jane's cat 12/04/95 Linda Greengrass
TARGET: Mac 7.5/Imagewriters 12/04/95 Kaye Banzhaf
GEN: Job Opening in Colorado 12/04/95 Roberta J. Ponis
ELEM: need seasonal story re giving 12/04/95 Madelynne Johnson
HIT: REF: Dick and Jane's cat 12/04/95 Linda Greengrass
REF: CA. State Insect/Reptile? 12/04/95 Doris Renfro, Lib., So. Range Mid. Sch.
Technology 12/04/95 Margaret Scites
HIT: Term Papers Useful 12/04/95 Kay Goss
Culture Staggers On 12/04/95 Joanne M. Milne
Sec:Brit.Online 12/04/95 George Anne Draper
Children's Literature Web Guide 12/04/95 Nancy Everhart
TARGET: Exit Outcomes for Seniors 12/04/95 Katonah-Lewisboro School District
Middle/Jr. High Sci Fi 12/04/95 Catherine Balkin
Manuscript Submissions: Writer's Guidelines 12/04/95 Catherine Balkin
PB vs Acer 12/04/95 Anita Fletcher
Author info. needed 12/04/95 Patricia Lynn Clark-Erskine
Video on Judy Blume 12/04/95 Betty H. Routh
TARGET: Electronic Bookshelf vs. Accelerated Reader 12/04/95 Joan Marstiller
Mustang: A Teacher's Web Cruising Vehicle 12/04/95 Stephen E. Collins
REF: Citing internet 12/04/95 Harcourt A. Morgan
GEN: student name on web pages? 12/04/95 Shelley Lochhead
GEN: Vocabulary testing devices 12/04/95 Karen G. Schneider
Library Policies & Procedures 12/04/95 Global SchoolNet
Re: REF: Citing internet 12/04/95 Alicia Astorga
REF: Hatchet video 12/04/95 Laura Manthey
HIT: John Lennon 12/04/95 Terri L. Lent
World Link December 95 12/04/95 Linda C Joseph
ELEM: Christmas stories/France & Germany 12/04/95 Linda Shooks
Re: Ebenezers 12/04/95 Faith W. Van Putte 904 243 0207
Re: TARGET: Mac 7.5/Imagewriters 12/04/95 Peter Milbury
Re: REF: Hatchet video 12/04/95 James Mong
No Subject 12/04/95 Eric C Bateman
National Christmas Tree info 12/04/95 Diana Lynn Sorrells
?Phrase "Pushing the Envelope" 12/04/95 Mary Marguerite Ludwick
What's in public domain 12/04/95 Kathy Patten
Re: MIDDLE Student Aides 12/04/95 Mary K Stoiber

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