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Dear Friends:

Of the five responses I've received thus far, four want to know what ethnic
cleansing is.  One response was, "Is this a joke?  Ethnic Cleansing is a
large scale organized genocide."

We are as confused as you are.  "Ethnic Cleansing in U.S. Schools" is one
of the topics for discussion at our Model U.N. Summit.

The only articles I can find on ethnic cleansing have to do with Bosnia or
Yugoslavia or the Holocaust.

Our best guess is that "they" are referring to Proposition 187 in
California which deals with providing services (health care, education,
welfare, etc.) to illegal aliens.  My understanding is that this
proposition is now in appeal to the California State Appeals Court, but
that it is also being placed on referendums in nine other states.  That's
the closest we can come to saying there is any sort of ethnic cleansing in
U.S. schools.

There was something on one of the tv news magazine shows a couple of weeks
ago about a school or school system in Georgia where black students were
most often placed in "B" classes and mostly whites were placed in "A"
classes.  I personally think that could be considered discrimination, but
not ethnic cleansing.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Articles to read?

Debbie Pinckard

Debbie Pinckard, Librarian          423/238-9003
Ooltewah High School                423/238-5871  Fax
6123 Mountain View Road             423/238-7204  Library
Ooltewah, Tennessee  37363          PINCKARDD@TEN-NASH.TEN.K12.TN.US

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