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       Dear LM-NETTERS -

       I am working with a senior who recently suffered a stroke.  He
       has quite a long and difficult way to go in order to recover
       physically and mentally.  Before the stroke, he was a good
       student and a star athlete.  Now athletics are out forever
       probably, and he is reading ca. 3rd grade level.  Ideally, he
       would be in a rehab center with others facing similar problems.
        Because of location, he is unable to do this.  He is quite
       depressed - and feels very much alone.  Do any of you
       LM_NETTERS know of anyone about his age who has similar
       obstacles to overcome?  I think it would help him quite a lot
       if he could communicate, even electronically, with someone
       who's facing the same struggles.

       Beyond that, if anyone has any professional ideas about using
       media to help him learn in different ways, I'd appreciate
       hearing them.  We are videotaping the classes he does still
       take so that he can listen and see them repeatedly.  He is
       looking at videos of gorillas and chimpanzees (his choice)
       repeatedly, trying to learn and practice how to take notes
       and to recall.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
       He's having a very hard time.

       Thanks so much.

       Elaine Emerson
       Mannheim HS, Germany

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