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The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) is currently
undergoing a self-study and restructuring process. As part of that
study, research is being done about AASL's services and programs. At the
1996 ALA Midwinter Meeting in San Antonio, several focus groups on this
topic are scheduled.  The prupsoe of the focus groups will be to
indentify and refine the issues that will be included in a survey of
AASL members and nonmembers.  The purpose of this survey will be to
provide AASL's leaders with information about perceptions of the
division's programs, services, advocacy and communications.  The focus
groups are scheduled for the following times: Friday, January 19--24-4
pm; 8-10pm; Saturday, January 20--8-11 am; 8-10 pm; Sunday, January
21--8-11 am; 2-4 pm; 8-10 pm; Monday, January 22--8-11 am.  If you are
going to be at Midwinter and are going to be available at one of these
times, please consider participating in one of the focus groups.  To
sign up, please notify me as soon as possible of your interest, the
times that you are available and send me your snail mail as well as your
e-mail address.  There is space for a maximum of 12 individuals in each
focus group.  Participation is open to any AASL member or potential AASL
member who will be at the conference.  Please encourage your colleagues
who are not on this listserv to contact me if they are intersted in
participating.  Thanks!

Lisa A. Wolfe
Coordinator for Communications
AASL/Library Power
50 E. Huron
Chicago, IL 60611
(800) 545-2433, ext. 4383
FAX:  312-664-7459
E-Mail:  Lisa.A.Wolfe@ala.org

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