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Some people...
I have a colleague that is dead set against block scheduling.  My district
is looking at for the next school year and I like the idea but many don't
(mainly because they aren't informed and some don't want to be).  Anyway
I'm trying to find out the answer to some of her questions and the answers
don't have to be in cyberspace.  I have looked in AskEric and didn't really
come up with too much.  I used block scheduling and high schools as
descriptors.  Her questions are
How many schools in PA are on block scheduling
How many schools in the US are on block scheduling
How many schools on block scheduling are Blue Ribbon Schools

I know that these may be tough and I'm not sure they're even relevant to
decide for this school.  But......... I wanted to see if I could at least
quite her down.
Shirley :)
Shirley LeClerc
Palmyra High School

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