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  I use virtually all my Chapter II (now Title VI I believe) on CD-ROM
programs.  For the Britannica, especially, I am looking forward to my
tech people getting the CD version installed, since students have a hard
time with the print version.  I believe that the Cd and print together
cost about $1200 on a special earlier this year.  Contact your sales rep
and try to get that rrepeated.

. Bruce Nelson                .
. Evergreen Park H.S.         .
. Library Director            .
. phone: 708-424-7400 x210    .
. fax  : 708-424-7493         .

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, George Anne Draper wrote:

> The media center is going to get approximately $1200 from "what used
> to be" Chapter II and I am trying to decide where to use that money.
> I am "new" at this and am considering purchasing Britannica Online or
> CD.  Two questions come to mind:  Can one use this money to purchase
> software and is that the best product for "my" money?  Maybe I should
> purchase the books instead.  We have 6 workstations, hope to have 3
> more before the year is out, but we don't have an encyclopedia on the
> network, just SuperTom and the card catalog.  I would love to hear
> from you experienced folks; you are always such a big help to me.
> Thanks in advance for advice and wisdom.
> George Anne Draper
> gdraper@wps.k12.ar.us

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