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If that isn't a joke, is surely is a poorly chosen topic.  Whoever came
up with it should be taken to task, and the topic changed.  IMHO!

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On Fri, 1 Dec 1995 PINCKARDD@TEN-NASH.TEN.K12.TN.US wrote:

> Dear Friends:
> Of the five responses I've received thus far, four want to know what ethnic
> cleansing is.  One response was, "Is this a joke?  Ethnic Cleansing is a
> large scale organized genocide."
> We are as confused as you are.  "Ethnic Cleansing in U.S. Schools" is one
> of the topics for discussion at our Model U.N. Summit.
> The only articles I can find on ethnic cleansing have to do with Bosnia or
> Yugoslavia or the Holocaust.
> Our best guess is that "they" are referring to Proposition 187 in
> California which deals with providing services (health care, education,
> welfare, etc.) to illegal aliens.  My understanding is that this
> proposition is now in appeal to the California State Appeals Court, but
> that it is also being placed on referendums in nine other states.  That's
> the closest we can come to saying there is any sort of ethnic cleansing in
> U.S. schools.
> There was something on one of the tv news magazine shows a couple of weeks
> ago about a school or school system in Georgia where black students were
> most often placed in "B" classes and mostly whites were placed in "A"
> classes.  I personally think that could be considered discrimination, but
> not ethnic cleansing.
> Comments?  Suggestions?  Articles to read?
> Thanks,
> Debbie Pinckard
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