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        A committee in our district has been asked to locate sites on a
block schedule.  We are looking for large school districts, 1500+ students
with two lunch periods.  We would like to visit schools that are an easy
drive from Columbus, OH, but would like to get information from as many
large schools as possible.  I know everyone is in a time crunch as the
holidays approach, but I would like to compile a list as soon as possible.
       Some of the things we would like to hear about or see are

1.  A hard copy of their master schedule
2.  The length of the block period
3.  What happens to electives like Band and Choir?
4.  What happens to the library/media program?
5.  What happens to semester courses vs. the yearlong courses?
6.  What is the teacher load?
7.  Do they have study halls?
8.  What do they do with new students?
9.  How did they train their teachers and how do they do professional
10.  How did they phase in the program?
11.  How did they inform their community about the change and get support?
12. Have academics improved?
13.  How long have they been doing block scheduling?
14.  What are the problems?
15.  What are the reasons some of the teachers do not like block scheduling?
16.  How do they handle field trips and assemblies?
17.  How did the change impact graduation requirements?
18.  How do they handle schedule changes and add/drops?

    TIA for all of your help.

Linda Swarlis, Librarian
Gahanna Lincoln High School
140 Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH   43230

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