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Jan:  We began last year with one workstations limited to teachers.  This
September we went to four student workstations with Internet access. Only
students who sign our Internet contract (and their parents sign, too) are given
privileges.  They need a hallpasses from  teachers to be in the library and
the computers can not be reserved for any classes, but otherwise they are
free to logon whenever they can.  We are just working our way through
some small problems.  Today we told them that the district has decided
that chat lines are no long allowed.  Not a single kid complained because
they knew that what they were doing was not appropriate.  The state did
not pay for this equipment so that they could discuss boyfriends, etc.
I just wrote a two page paper called "A Bucket of Cold Water" which
explained some cautions to the faculty.  If you would like a copy, let me
know.  One major point you will need to explain is that teachers
absolutely can not require Internet use as part of an assignment.  There
are many parents who will not want their children exposed to the filth
which can be accessed, so requiring Internet use would be unfair, not to
say unwise.
We are running Netscape and Chameleon.  We do not have e-mail and have no
plans to offer it to students, although teachers will get it.

     Carole H. Carpenter         chcrpntr@strauss.udel.edu
     Milford Sr. H.S.
     Milford, DE

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