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I was informed today that the administration at my children's school has no
plans to automate the Library.  They are receiving a chunk of money this year
($35,000 - 50,000- one time) and have decided they want to spend it all on
technology, meaning the New Multimedia Lab which is not quite created yet.  So
far, their Multimedia Lab consist of five computers sitting in the back of the
Computer Lab with some CDs.  The computer teacher has no desire or time to be
in charge of these computers. The classroom teachers have made little or no use
of these five computers with CDs.  For one thing, it is very difficult to bring
your class in to do research when the computer teacher is running her
keyboarding/computer class in the same (small) classroom. The administration
argues that the Library is not secure, it would cost money to secure it, were
any computers to be put in there.  The administration wants to network every
classroom (to the Multimedia Lab) and get on the Internet, and you know, on the
internet they can just find the books they want. [?] How can I try to convince
them that the Library would be a good place to house books and non-print
resources? The library is from the Dark Ages.  There is a Library Technician,
no Library Media Teacher.  The students come in with their class once a week to
hear a story and check out books until next week.  As a parent, and as a
Library Media Teacher Credential student, I find this less than adequate.  The
point is, I don't want to _not_ have technology, but the Multimedia Center is
clear across campus from the library, and the library is being left in the
dust, as all of the resources go toward this "It will solve all your problems"
Multimedia Center.  Please send some advice on how to approach the
administration in a positive way about what I perceive to be a problem. Or is
it a problem?  Should I simply cool my jets because this is only a 2nd through
6th grade school? Your comments please.

Liz Dodds
Fresno, California

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