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Thank you for your responses!  Considering how many "repeats" there were,
it leads me to believe that indeed there are very few books with Catholic
characters, settings, or themes. These are the books that were suggested:

Barrett, William - Lilies of the Field
Cormier, Rob. - Chocolate War; After the Chocolate War; Other bells for
      us to ring;
Delton, Judy - Kitty in the Middle,  --in the summer; --in High School;
      --from the start; (set in 1942)
DePaola - Clown of God; as well as other titles, promarily for the very
      young readers.  Possibly there MAY be a book about his first confession
      which apparently when he talked about it at a convention, was
     "hysterically funny."
Kelly, Eric - Trumpeter of Krakow;  Newbery award winner; set in medieval
      Poland - an intensely Catholic country.
McKenna, Colleen - Too many Murphies;  4th Grade is a Jinx;  Good Grief,
      3rd grade;  Eenie, Meanie, Murphy, no.
Minot, Susan - Monkeys
Myers, Walter Dean - Mop, Moondance and the Nagasaki Knights.
Potok, Chaim (?) - The Chosen
Powers, John - Do Patent Leather Shoes Reflect up;  The last Catholic in
      America (stereo types of the 50"s)
Stolz, Mary - Ivy Larkin;  Pangur Ban.
Strauch, Eileen Walsh - Hey you, Sister Rose. (Had greatest # of recomend's.)
Weber, Lenora Mattingly - (the Beany Malone series - published some 30
Wojciechowski, Susan - Gold; Patty Dillman of Hot Dog Fame;
Lovelace, Maude H. - Betsy, Tacy  (etc. - series)

Curtis Piperfield's Biggest Jam (don't have author), Clarion Books, 1995

The catalogue of Tan Books (Publisher in Illinois) apparently have a
series of books with Catholic characters, ets.

Short story: "Conversion of the Jews" - no author given.

Should any additional books come to mind, please tell me and I will post

Ina Bray, Librarian, St. Joseph School, Seattle, WA

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