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We are about to start training our teachers for using the Internet.
It occurred to me that it might be useful to develop a taxonomy like
David Loertscher once did for school librarians.  Also, this effort
might bring out some other taxonomies already developed and maybe even
published.  Below is my first offering and I invite critical comment
to improve it.  I will post a finished version after digesting any
suggestions from the LM_NET community.  I am especially interested in
hearing from those of you whose schools have already gone through some
teacher training.
                        A Teacher's Internet Taxonomy

7.  creating and managing homepage and other Internet sites for the
        distribution of curricular and project materials
6. creating educational materials for distribution on the Intyernet
5. participating in Internet school projects
4. using email, listservs, and newsgroups to communicate with peers
3. using search engines to locate specific school-related sites and
2. using Internet site addresses from directories and other sources
        to locate school-related resources
1. cybersurfing: random access of Internet sites using pre-exisating
        menus and Web links

Carl Martz
Yucaipa High School
Yucaipa Ca
ac139@lafn.org  or cmartz@cello.gina.calstate.edu

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