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Look at the "big" picture. (Works with monospaced fonts). Wish I remembered
where this came from - not an original.

>    saltpepper        marjoram                            cilantro
>   sarsaparilla      bay leaves                          coriander!
>    garlicsalt        allspice          curry             cinnamon
>     rosemary          fennel          parsley            turmeric
>     dillweed          ginger           anise              pepper
>     tarragon          chives                              nutmeg
>     angelica          garlic                              cloves
>     parsleysagerosemarythyme          mustard              zest
>     basiloreganocuminpaprika           capers              dill
>     marjoram          hoisin           relish               Na
>     shallots          pickle           garlic               Cl
>     woodruff          cloves           sesame
>     mushroom          onions           morels
>    peppermint        jalapeno         tarragon             mace
>   butterscotch      lime juice       red pepper           garlic
>    celeryseed        cinnamon         allspice             sage
>                  S E A S O N E D     G R E E T I N G S

May you all have lots to eat during the holiday season.


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