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        I thought I would post this idea to the net.  At our high school
library we have a computer lab of 25 stations.  It is not always easy to
monitor the students who are authorized to use the internet.  We have added
a field to the students' patron records which indicates whether or not they
have a signed AUP on file with us.  If they want to use the internet, they
check in at the circ desk.  If their records indicate that they have a
signed AUP, they then receive a stuffed animal with a barcoded collar which
is checked out to them.  The animals must be placed on top of all monitors
that are running Netscape.  At a glance, the librarian or the lab monitor
can see who is authorized to use the internet access by checking for stuffed
animals and computer screens.  The students return the animals to the circ
desk when they are done.  The barcoded security collars help the animals to
remember that their homes are in the library, as an alarm sounds if they try
to escape!

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