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     I am just starting to automate withFollett's Unison.  On Monday a district
rep. will bring out the Alliance Plus CD-ROMs for me to begin using.  According
to the Alliance Plus manual I need to decide what *circulation types* I will
Apparently this can't be changed once it's entered, so I want to do it right.
   I thought I would use 1da (one day), 3da (three day), Reg (for our regular
circulation period)  and possible Res (restricted) for anything I might have
that I don't circulated at all, such as the unabridged dictionary--although
I did lend it out once to a teacher who was a judge in a district spelling
contest, come to think of it.

    This all seems so MicKey Mouse.  Am I on the right track at all?  We are
allowed up to 3 alphanumeric figures.  Would one figure be a better choice?
Just *1* for 1 day?  *R* for regular sort of threw me since that could mean
reference or restricted.  Do I need  *restricted* at all?  The manual suggested
     Any advice on starting up would be greatly appreciated.  Anything you wish
you'd known when you began.  Anything you wish you'd done differently.

     I really need to know before 9:00 a.m Monday Pacific Time.  I apoloogize
for that.  But up to closing time on Friday I was on the phone with Follett
tech support (excellent, helpful, friendly, by the way), reloading my software
for the third time.  TIA for any help.   Jo Trauger


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