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You need to talk to your sysop about creating a separate directory for
every user.  That way you can assign privileges or take them away when
necessary.  Otherwise you are stuck "watching like a hawk" and get
nothing else done.

     Carole H. Carpenter         chcrpntr@strauss.udel.edu

On Fri, 1 Dec 1995, Gloria Joan Baker wrote:

> The 2 postings about Internet management were timely for me today. My
> SYSOP informed me today that students were using obscene, X-rated, and
> generally inappropriate language in doing searches on the Internet.
> Although our filtering software, Cybersitter, had blocked the students
> access to these sites and recorded the time of day when the "offense" had
> occurred, the problem remains...who were these students? Yes we do have a
> sign-in sheet, but they had not signed it. The stand alone station can not
> be supervised 100 percent of the time.
>  What's my solution to this problem? I am sure others must be experiencing
> the same situation. How did you handle it?
> Gloria Baker
> gjbaker@unixg.ubc.ca

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