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Winnebago IBM version 5.1b running on Novell network.

Our high school librarian has just brought this to my attention:

Is anyone else experiencing instances of the system not storing check-out
information? Here's an example: Johnny checks out Book A and it is due
Nov. 28. The slip printer prints the receipt correctly and it is put in
the book. Johnny returns the book on Nov. 27. When it is scanned in to
return it, the screen comes back "NO-ONE". And if you had looked at
Johnny's record, Book A isn't there.

This has apparently been going on for awhile. I just thought we were
rescanning books that had been picked up from tables, etc. Now I have no
idea what's "out" according to the computer and what the students' think
they have checked out. End-of-the-year-Inventory is going to be REAL fun
this year!

The major question is -- Is it happending to anyone else, or have we just
messed up somehow?

        Melissa Davis                   Librarian
        Splendora Middle School         Splendora I.S.D.
        P O Box 168                     Splendora, TX 77372
        Internet: mbdavis@tenet.edu     PHONE: (713)689-2853
        CompuServe: 75146,771           FAX: (713)689-8702

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