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I deeply appreciate the many responses I have received regarding our problem
networking World Book. At first I attempted to answer each response
individually but the volume, wonderfully so, became too much so I am responding
to the list.In answer to some of your questions- Yes, the World Book
Encyclopedia CD we have is a licensed network product. It is also multimedia.
We are using an Infotel CD Tower with its own server. Our building wiring is
Category 5 twisted pair and we are running ethernet with a DOS server using
Novell Netware 4.1. All library and classroom workstations are Macintosh. We
have not yet been able to isolate the source of the problem, whether it is the
tower system or World Book. We have recently installed Infotrac TOM and are
testing it through student use for stability.

The queries and suggestions received from all of you seemed to indicate that
some have had no trouble and others are as frustrated in their attempts as we
are. Those having no trouble seem to be running the older text version of WB
with DOS systems.

Thank you all for your responses. I will let you know when and if the problem
is resolved. If there are any other suggestions, please keep them coming.

This is one terrific list.

Carol Orchard
Danville Local Schools
Danville, Ohio

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