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Good Morning!

I have noticed the past few weeks that I have been having a more than
reasonable number of returned messages.  Are any of you also having that
problem? I respond OFTEN to individuals, and those are the ones that keep
coming back.

Our TENET server was off line for about a day at Thanksgiving while
"they" were updating and changing, and it seems that the returns have
been more numerous since then.  However, if others of you have been
having the same problem, perhaps it isn't TENET but something else.

Any clues?  Thanks!

Betty Hamilton, LRS             |    |                701 Cub Drive
bhamilt@tenet.edu           ____|*    ~~~~~~.         Brownfield TX 79316
Brownfield High School      \               |         (806) 637-4523
                             \_/\        . /
                                  \     {
                                    \  }

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